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Get To Know Us

At KDT Communications we are a family.

KDT Communications is a brand specialist boutique agency that was founded in 2016 by Kerryn & Kirsty Du Toit, who have been in the PR, Marketing and Entertainment industry for 8 & 9 years respectively. They have a perfect balance with combined individual skills that offer their clients the full package. From Marketing & Brand Management, to Social media Assistance, Sponsorships and traditional & non-traditional PR.

Their passion for the entertainment, lifestyle & sports industry is not only refreshing, niche but also contagious and their aim is to make the individuals brand the best one it can be.

They believe that no individual is the same so every marketing strategy and PR plan is tailormade for the individual personally. They have an extensive database and great relationships with editors, publications, journalists, bloggers and exclusive and non-exclusive celebrities and sportsmen, ensuring that the brand has reach, to many different facets and target markets.  

They have a hands-on approach to all their clients, making sure that everyone is on the same page with regards to what they want to achieve with a brand, what the client's needs are and accommodating all their sponsorship wishes.

KDT Communications objective is to ensure we all business strategies, action plans and marketing portfolios are  incorporated in the most professional manner resulting in optimal results.