Our Clients


Assisting Media Personalities, Celebrities & Influential People with growth of their brand, marketing them through the correct channels and in developing their existing brands.


Assisting Professional sportsmen in their personal capacity with Brand Management, Social Media & Sponsorships.

Corporate Companies

Bespoke PR and communication solutions for your corporate company. Aligning influential people to your brand to widen your exposure & marketing.


This dynamic duo is something other worldly!


Kirsty & Kerryn take your PR game and exposure to another level! They conceptualize and create a brand that represents who you are to the core. This diligent, brilliantly clever and creative team have your back 100%.  

I have had the great privilege of Kirsty and Kerryn managing my career for close on 2 years now & I have had exponential growth and my sphere influence has expanded more than I could ever have imagined.

The support & loyalty you get from this team is so rare, especially in this fickle industry. You become family, so you know your brand is in the best hands!

It's truly worth having them on your side !

Anji Woodley, Actress & Mother


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