At KDT Communications, we pride ourselves on the hard work and dedication that led to us having an extensive and well established and PR Industry database of individuals that we work with. With 10 years in the industry and a perfect balance of skills, the team at KDT Communications understand the industry on PR, Brand Management, Collaboration and Alignments.

We specialise in the Brand Management of Individual Personalities, Professional Sportsmen and Lifestyle Corporates. Public Relations, Brand Alignment and Campaign Management are other services we excel in ensuring you and your brand get the exposure and engagement you deserve.

When you join KDT Communications, you join the Family.

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KDT Communications pride themselves with an incredibly strong PR department. Our PR Specialist will ensure your brand gets the exposure and coverage you deserve. From traditional Public Relations of print and digital media, broadcast and television to the more non-traditional options of blogger reviews, mentions and features; personality reviews and campaigns.


KDT Communications starts your brand management with an analysis on how your brand is being received. We create and develop meaningful strategies to create relevant, outlooks to position your brand within the industry. Through marketing communication and brand orientation we build and manage brands.



Through marketing and communications KDT Communications will advertise your brand, action direct marketing of your brand for campaigns and alignments, establishing your online brand and presence through printed media, digital media, PR activities, sponsorships, trade exchanges, appearances and more. The aim is to create and sustain demand for your brand and it's our passion to see you shine.


Focusing your brand to certain alignments and matching brands through campaigns (trade exchanges and paid campaigns.) We will identify certain brands with whom we feel an alignment would mutually benefit, by creating a strategy that provides maximum exposure and promotion with the ultimate goal being a long-term relationship with the client and brand. Giving the client a chance to grow with the brand.



Influencer alignments is our newest addition. We work with established influential people to align with brands for campaigns.Influencers bring their audience network with them when they endorse a product. Brand contact us with their brief and we pass on suggested influencers to work with them, whilst managing the relationship and projects from contract to bookings.


We help brands invite the who's who to your event. With set standard packages we can assist you with a small or large event with the management of your guest list. From sending out your invite, to the management of your RSVP's and final listings, we handle it all!

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  • “If I was down to the last dollar of my marketing budget I’d spend it on PR!” 

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