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Calling all Gin Lovers....Churchills Gin Foraging Festival is Back!

Churchills proudly presents their annual Gin Foraging Festival to be held on Saturday the 3rd March 2018. Set to be an exciting Saturday afternoon of exploring the wonderful and exciting plethora of flavours.

Some of the country’s local and international most exciting Gin brands, will be available for tasting and explanations about what makes their perfect serve so simply irresistible will be discussed.

You can look forward to delicious brands of Bombay Sapphire, Ginifer, Westcliff , Whitley Neil, Cruxland and Ginologist.

Gin Lovers will experience an exciting Saturday Afternoon of exploring the wonderful and exciting plethora of flavours of perfect Gin serves, delicious food and chilled South African lounge vibes, all in a upmarket and established quintessential British elegant bar. Churchills features Union Jack couch cushions, brown leather Chesterfields, mahogany book shelves, navy velvet ottomans, and a smashing cigar menu. There is no better place to channel your inner James Bond than at Churchills!

Upon arrival, each customer will receive promotional vouchers and a branded Gin Festival glass. Your ticket gives you access to a host of exceptional local and international Gin brands Churchills has to offer. 

Tickets are limited, so make sure to gather your friends and family for an unforgettable Gin Foraging Festival.

Churchills Bar Melrosh Arch 

Shop 52HL Melrose Arch Boulevard, JHB, 2076

For more information, contact: or visit

For features/reviews, contact:

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