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KDT Conservation



NPO Registration Number: 2022/537541/08

KDT Conservation

Who are we

KDT Conservation NPO is a passionate non-profit organisation committed to safeguarding our planet's natural wonders for current and future generations. Founded with a vision to protect and preserve our fragile ecosystems, we actively engage in conservation efforts, environmental education, and sustainable practices. Our dedicated team of conservationists, scientists, and advocates works tirelessly to address pressing environmental challenges, striving to create a harmonious coexistence between humanity and the environment. Together, we are working towards a world where the beauty of nature thrives, and the balance of our delicate ecosystems endures.

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Rhino poached in South Africa

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Earth fore us to protect

We may not be able to change the past, but we can look forward to making a change in the future.

KDT Conservation

KDT Conservation

KDT Conservation was born out of love and passion for the conservation industry.

This NPO is brought to you by two passionate wildlife warriors, wanting to make a difference in the lives of Africa's wildlife. With a passion for purpose, we aim to professionally and ethically assist, source, manage, provide and get involved with important conservation tasks at hand.

One of our main objectives is to provide financial support and hands-on assistance to those animals who need it most.

KDT Conservation was founded by sister duo Kerryn du Toit and Kirsty du Toit. "KDT Conservation - The hands of change




Get to know us

Our Mission

KDT Conservation

KDT Conservation aims to become a leading conservation channel and organisation through professional management, development and ethical practice.

To promote and instil core values of the natural environment and its surrounding wildlife whilst protecting, educating, and empowering the public, both locally and internationally and sharing the magic of what Africa and its heritage has to offer.

KDT Conservation aims to share an environmentally conscious and respectful brand image for the natural environment and its inhabitants, whilst honouring core conservation values and ethics.

We may not be able to change the past, but we can look forward to making a difference in the future!

KDT Conservation

Our Ethos

KDT Conservation's main objective is to:

  • To rescue and rehabilitate wild animals in need - in conjunction with reputable sanctuaries and organisations.

  • Offer support and financial assistance to any veterinary costs. associated with relocations, dehorning, rescues and sore removals.

  • Offer full support and financial assistance to chosen sanctuaries to aid their rescues and relocations.

  • Portray a strong conservation message.

  • Offer a re-wilding initiative for the pangolin species.

  • Offer a research and recovery initiative for the wild dog species.

  • Provide a safe release site for rescued animals, through the alignment of ethical rehabilitation centres and organisations.

  • Educate the South African public on ethical conservation.

  • Environmental impact - minimise carbon footprint impacts through of Tree Initiative and other projects.

  • Align with reputable, ethical and respectable corporates, in order to gain awareness and growth of the KDT Conservation brand

  • Empower poor and unemployed neighbouring rural communities with conservation education - where possible.

  • Conservation education for surrounding areas - both local and international.

  • Promote tourism in and around South Africa.

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Our Focus


The Pangolin Project is dedicated to the conservation of the most highly trafficked wildlife species on the continent - the African Pangolin!

The secretive and elusive pangolin is probably the most unique, yet unknown animal in the world.

There are four pangolin species in Africa, each with their own special features, habits and  characteristics.


The KDT Pangolin Project/Wild Dog Project will include a detailed rescue and rehabilitation program, re-wilding these animals back into their natural habitat as well as supported wildlife reserves.

These animals will be tracked and monitored with special devices/ collars to ensure lifelong care and protection.

How can you help



Research & Rescue for south Africa's Wild Dog population

  • De-horning & Conservation of all rhino - Contribution to the saving of this precious species, No matter the location, or age

  • Collaring - Includes purchase of materials and all other costs involved - Non-specific

  • Relocating of animals - Into safe, natural environments that promote sustainable growth and development

  • Snare Operations - Removal, Treatment and Recovery other contributions may include

  • Food stock piling

  • Supplements & Vitamins

  • Medication

  • Feed & Enrichment - Sanctuary Based

  • Veterinary Costs - Non-Species Specific

  • Local Rescues

  • Logistics for the transportation of animals

  • APU Needs

  • Upgrading of fencing

  • Other, as identified by KDT Conservation NPC

KDT Conservation
KDT Conservation
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