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In the world of radio, Romy Titus is no stranger.

"Change is the only constant I guess, and in the world of sport, it’s no different. SABC has undergone changes as a whole and I’ll now be focusing on a weekend sports show called, The Touchline with Romy Titus on Radio 2000", said Romy.

Sticking to her true sporting passion, coming up with the shows’s name was no easy task. "There were so many names that my Producer and my Executive Producer and I had to narrow it down to a top 3…. Because I’m known in the sports world for my football touchline reporting, we thought to bring it home to the hearts and the minds of the fans in this way… I feel it has a nice ring to it too.”

Romy, who has made her business to put women in sport as her focus, aims to invite various women guests to the show and offer them a platform to share their story. The show encompasses all sport from the cinderella sports to main stream sports such as soccer and rugby. "I’ve gone as far as embracing sport within communities. I’m talking about pre-primary sports days and encouraging tomorrow’s Boks and Proteas as well, that is important to me.” Romy says.

What can we expect from the show? 

Expect to be satisfied!!! She’ll be serving up a mean dish of all sorts of sports! So come hungry!

Romy has always been a visible figure within the sporting industry and she credits sports for how it unifies a community, a school, a family and a country. "There’s nothing you cannot tackle without sport as the catalyst. That’s the beauty of being the voice behind the mic …. There’s amazing stories to share and I’m in the driver’s seat!” she concludes.

When asked if there were any interesting guests we can look forward to, Romy jokingly responded with, “Man, if I can find Lewis Hamiliton, Sloane Stephens or Serena Williams they’ll be in the studio in a heart beat… but before we give the international stars a platform, local is lekker and our own home grown stars are all invited to share “The Touchline”, with me.

Romy, who has been with Radio 2000 for many years, hopes to grow the show and maintain that valued relationship. "The station has always valued me and I have never taken my job for granted. Not for a minute! While I stand in on talk radio from time to time – I hope to grow the female voice in sport on the station and to instill in people that I might wear a dress and rock heels – but sport is part of my DNA and I’ll give it my very best. The sky is the limit and we’ve not had a female only show where she will be heading up a sports show solely on the station. I make that my challenge."

Tune in to Radio 2000 every Saturday and Sunday, 3-6pm for The Touchline with Romy Titus.

Follow Romy on Social Media:

Facebook: @RomyTitus1

Twitter: @romytitus

Instagram: @Romytitus

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