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FOURFIVECBD - A must-have product for any individual with an active lifestyle!

Designed BY athletes FOR athletes. This is said to be a product that will change the recovery game like never before.  Introducing fourfivecbd - the collective brainchild of two professional rugby players whose own personal rugby careers brought forth a need for an alternative natural supplement product which would ultimately help professional athletes and active people alike.

Dominic Day and George Kruis both suffered multiple injuries which led them to go under the surgeon’s knife 12 times, collectively, which meant they needed a more natural alternative to aid with their recovery. They turned to cbd as their answer, but due to the lack of availability they decided to take measures into their own hands and develop a range of products that would fall well within the correct guidelines and regulations. And for those who may not be familiar with cbd (cannabidiol), it is a natural compound found in hemp, which is a non-psychoactive compound, meaning it cannot get you high.

After several months of market research their company went live to the public on 1 January 2019, and they’ve never looked back! With the UK being their home base, it was a no-brainer to set sail on those shores first, but they’ve since ventured out into the South African seas which they felt was the perfect market to add to the fourfivecbd family.

They describe their perfect consumer as someone who is “health conscious, active and interested in trying new things” which we think is the epitome of the true South African market.

“We definitely saw the potential in the South African cbd market and with South Africa being a sport-loving nation we were confident our products would do well in this market.  Secondly, we have a few South Africans working with us on the UK side and a few South Africans that work at Saracens, so collectively we decided to launch fourfivecbd SA,” says fourfivecbd.

When it comes to the branding and products, they’ve tried to set themselves apart from all the other brands by refining extraction and manufacturing so that they could guarantee products with 0% THC, whilst still offering a broad spectrum and isolate cbd options for all those active enthusiasts looking to avoid an idle lifestyle.  

“fourfivecbd products contain natural, non-addictive, premium ingredients. Thanks to this, many people have used it to aid their active lifestyles’. They have seen it as a way to escape the clutches of dormancy, the natural way. By creating a quality cbd range, we are attempting to work towards a clean, transparent and reliable cbd industry in the UK and further afield,” says fourfivecbd.

Their range, which consists of oils, muscle rubs, and capsules, are specifically designed with active people in mind, not just sportsmen. These products are all easy to use, easy to dose, and easy to take with you even on your busiest days.

What’s important in today’s day and age is that their products cater to everyone and more importantly, are environmentally conscious. All their products and packaging are fully recyclable, natural and vegetarian friendly. Their plants are also grown without the use of any pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals. We definitely give them our green stamp of approval.

Whilst many people are still sceptical when the word “cbd” is brought up, we believe that over time, with more education and research, more people will look to this form of supplements as their go-to form of recovery.

“We believe once more research and studies get conducted around cbd and it’s potential benefits, we think the world as a whole will see the need for cbd products. There is currently a massive amount of anecdotal evidence and it is great to see more research into cbd. We see it very much like a normal supplement that can be used in a holistic approach to health and wellness.” fourfivecbd concluded.

South Africa being a sports-driven country will no doubt enjoy a product like this! And just as their slogan suggests, Rest – Recover – Rise!


Favourite CBD product from the fourfivecbd range? Muscle rub

Most requested product to-date? 1000mg oils

Favourite sportsmen currently using your products? Would be rude to pick, haha! Over 400 professionals!

One Rugby World Cup player who used your products? Vincent Koch

If you could align fourfivecbd with any celeb, who would it be and why? Tough question, ideally we are looking for honest hard working people who have respect within their sport or active lifestyle, we are currently working with a lot of different individuals with over 400 professional athletes using our product so it is a tough one to narrow down!

What are some of the positive perks of working alongside a number of professional sportsmen? The biggest positive I can say from being a professional rugby player and playing in various leagues around the world is the genuine friends that I have made along the way. Which sportsmen do you have "fitness-envy" for - international or local? I think most of the backs! It is verging on embarrassing when someone like Cheslin Kolbe has the speed and feet against forwards like us!

What motto or words do you live by in the workspace, at fourfivecbd? Externally our motto is “cbd products to help maintain an active lifestyle”. Internally, and a little cliché is “Work hard and have fun!”

For more information, visit their website or social media pages on:

Instagram: @fourfivecbd_sa


Twitter: @FourfivecbdS

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