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Let’s face it, realistically, things seem to constantly be getting more and more expensive and our wallets seem to be getting emptier and emptier. Gone are the days when splurging was a common luxury.

However, saving money is a realistic way of making sure your future is secure, and sometimes the hardest thing about saving money is just getting started.

We caught up with Professional Rugby Player, Andries Ferreira and got his best “money-saving” advice.

YOUR TOP MONEY-SAVING TIPWhat money saving tip do you implement into your everyday life?  

Never go shopping when you feel emotional or never go shopping when you’re hungry – you’ll just land up spending unnecessary money on non-essentials or over-indulging!

YOUR TOP BARGAIN BUY ADVICE  - What bargain buy product or items do you use to save money, that you find are still good quality?

I never buy just because it’s a bargain, and I don’t like standing in a long queue. We also buy in bulk at Makro because it’s much cheaper and we’ve come across some great specials for big kitchen and home appliances that area already a few years old and still in mint condition.

MONEY SAVING ADVICE - What advice would you give to people wanting to start saving money for their future?

Start today... it doesn’t matter how little you put in every month it’s just getting into the habit of saving! By the end of the year a little becomes a lot!

Remember, saving money has to be at the top of your priorities before you’ll see any results!

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