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Thule rolls out its first ever hard shell luggage collection. Map your travel year ahead now!

Thule, maker of premium products to help you transport anything you care for safely, easily

and in style has introduced their first collection of hard shell luggage, Thule Revolve focuses on durability and ease of use and features a durable construction and maximized packing space for effortless navigation.

Combining over 75 years of product engineering of metal and plastics with a world-class design team, the result is a modern, compelling collection, focused on durability and ease of use. Thule Revolve, offered in four spacious sizes and three stylish colours – Black, Blackest Blue and Raven Grey - is perfect for the frequent traveller. The exclusive Thule designed 8-wheel system for easy navigation, along with its durable construction is a balance of form and function that results in a stylish collection focused on everyday use and design aesthetics that are built to last.

Effortless Navigation

Designed for life on the go, the Thule Revolve collection features a telescoping handle to

minimise sway and efficiently transfer power to the wheels. The oversized rear wheels easily

glide over any terrain, from carpet to cobblestone, providing effortless navigation from the very first step.

Durable and Safe Construction

Made in Europe from 100% virgin polycarbonate, Thule Revolve is a lightweight, stylish and

impact-resistant luggage collection that is designed to last. Able to stand up to the rigors of

travel, internal corner protectors, a rigid frame and a reinforcing front panel are added

protection for every trip. Valuable contents stay secure during travel with TSA locks and

puncture-resistant zippers backed by a solid inner frame.

Maximum packing space

All your belongings are protected while traveling with the custom fitted, felt liner that keeps

contents in place while maximizing packing space. Leave nothing behind thanks to the smaller recessed front wheels on the exterior that increase packing space inside the suitcase.

The new Revolve Collection consists of:

- Thule Revolve Global Carry-On 55cm/22”

- Thule Revolve Wide-body Carry-On 55cm/22”

- Thule Revolve Luggage 68cm/27”

- Thule Revolve Luggage 75cm/30”

Hard-shell suitcases offer numerous benefits, including:

 Security Hard-shell suitcases reduce the chances of theft (case slitting) or anyone

adding something to external pockets of your luggage.

 Lightweight yet strong Polycarbonate luggage is lighter than plastic or aluminium

cases, and can be even lighter than some soft luggage. It offers the added benefit of a

rigid frame and (usually) four wheels, which means navigating a busy airport is much

easier, plus better for your back.

 Protection The resilience of hard-shell suitcases offers better impact resistance during

the rigors of travelling − if your case is dropped or thrown onto hard surfaces −

particularly for fragile or valuable items.

 Durability Hard-shell suitcases are much easier to keep dry in rain, snow or puddles

and provide better protection against general spills and accidents.

 Versatility Most hard-shell suitcases feature a 50/50 split opening, where you pack

two sides equally and stabilise the contents with a middle divider or strap; this allows

for minimal rifling through your bag, as you can pack similar items together.

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