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Moo Moo: Your Gateway to South African Steakhouse Delights

Check out how MooMoo's is serving up South African Steakhouse delights right from the heart of South Africa.

Moo Moo

Fancy a juicy steak with a proudly South African twist? Moo Moo, a restaurant chain bringing a fun and flavourful twist to the classic steakhouse experience, is the place to be.

Meat Me at Moo Moo

What makes Moo Moo stand out? Their unwavering commitment to showcasing the best of South African produce. They source premium cuts from local farmers, ensuring exceptional quality and freshness on your plate. Their extensive wine list boasts a delightful selection from South African vineyards, perfectly complementing your meal.

More Than Just Steaks

While Moo Moo is a haven for meat lovers, they cater to a wider audience. The menu offers a variety of options, including gourmet burgers, succulent chicken espetada (skewers), and legendary sticky pork ribs that have earned a loyal following.

A Fun and Relaxed Vibe

Moo Moo isn't your typical stuffy steakhouse. They embrace a quirky and vibrant atmosphere, reflected in their playful décor and menu descriptions. Think "Cow Chow," their playful take on the iconic South African dish Bunny Chow, featuring a hollowed-out Portuguese bun filled with peri-peri beef, chicken, or even creamy garlic snails.

The Secret Sauce: A Passionate Team

The key to Moo Moo's success lies in its passionate team. Their headquarters is a melting pot of experienced foodies, from hospitality veterans to former nightclub owners, all with a shared love for good food and good company. This diverse crew ensures Moo Moo stays on top of trends and keeps the menu innovative.

Finding Your Perfect Moo

Each Moo Moo branch boasts a unique personality. The Menlyn branch, situated in the heart of Africa's biggest mall, offers a delightful park view, perfect for a relaxed lunch. Moo Moo Mall of Africa caters to the bustling business crowd and residents seeking a delicious evening meal.

Embrace the Moo Moo Experience

Whether you're a steak aficionado or simply looking for a fun and flavourful dining experience, Moo Moo has something for you. So next time you're craving a taste of South Africa, head to Moo Moo and discover your perfect Moo!

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