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Tech Review: Everything you need to know about the HYPERICE Venom Go Recovery Device.

Everything You Need To Know About The Hyperice Venom Go Recovery Device - a tech review by Fitness Magazine South Africa.

Hyperice Fitness Magazine

When it comes to recovery after exercise or injury, heat and vibration are two highly recommended treatment protocols, and you get both in the innovative new Hyperice Venom Go.

Heated massage may help to relieve stiffness and soreness by promoting vasodilation in the treated area to improve circulation. This effect is useful during a warmup before exercise, or to help relieve muscle pain, tension, and tightness.

With regard to temperature-based recovery modalities, combining heat and cold in a periodised contrasting protocol is often highly recommended, particularly to support recovery from injury.

Devices in the Hyperice heat therapy category, which include the Venom Go, incorporate HyperHeat™ technology for a fast and consistent way to apply heat to specific areas to relieve sore, stiff muscles and promote wellness.

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