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Try this tough-ish workout to really build your strength - Women's Health.

Let’s admit it: most workouts are tough going.

Willow Way Fitness Women's Health

There’s always the element of challenging yourself every time you step up and throw down. But this workout, by Willow Way Fitness trainer and gym owner Alida Hendrikz, is tough as nails (ish) and will really test your mettle. At Willow Way, workouts work in six-week cycles.

“Through our signature workouts, Strength, Effort, Grind and Speed, we focus on different strength movements, cardio, engine-building and gymnastics,” says Alida.

Keen to give it a try? This tough-ish workout incorporates strength moves along with functional full-body movements that combined, make for an all-over torch that’ll burn calories like it’s nobody’s business.

Head over to the link to find out more, plus follow the instructional video.

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